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The Washington, D.C. Israel Rally

This past Tuesday morning, 12 Hebrew Academy upperclassmen, along with chaperones, woke up in the middle of the night to make their 5:40am flight to Washington, D.C. to attend the Israel rally.

The group met at the Fort Lauderdale Airport and boarded the plane. After landing in Baltimore around 8am, the group made their way to the train station to catch a train ride to Washington, D.C.

Once the group arrived in Washington, D.C., they immediately headed to the rally where about 300,000 people came to support Israel.

Throughout the rally, which lasted for over 5 hours, there were numerous incredible speeches, including from political figures and family members of taken hostages.

Omer Adam and Ishay Ribo even performed and got the crowd dancing!

The Hebrew Academy group was able to make their way pretty close to the stage where the speakers were, which was an amazing experience. Students also bumped into friends from New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Chicago due to the tens of schools that attended.

The amount of people at the rally was unfathomable. Students hadn’t ever been in a situation like this before with this many people.

“It was really crazy seeing that many people in one place at once. It was super powerful and I’m so grateful to have gone,” said Elly Rosenberg (11th).

After the rally, the group headed back to the train station, had dinner, and got to the airport for a 7 o’clock night flight and landed back in Miami at about 9pm.

Students feel really lucky to have experienced this historical moment that they will never forget.

“I didn’t know how the rally would go, but it definitely exceeded my expectations and was a powerful moment I will never forget,” said Max Lehmann (11th).

Thank you to Rachel Weinberger for organizing this unforgettable trip.

Am Yisrael Chai!

By: Elizabeth Ebner (11th)

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