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Trump Trumps Again


The last primaries have set a consistent “trend”of victories: Trump, Trump, Trump.

Donald Trump has 458 delegates, over one hundred votes more than Ted Cruz. He is the nominee with the second highest number of delegates. Trump supporters believe that he is perfect for the job because he isn’t afraid of saying the “right thing.” Additionally, many Trump supporters believe he will “make America great again” by running the country like he ran his real-estate business.

This week, Trump took Michigan, an important primary, and has therefore won fourteen states so far. Aside from Trump, John Kasich took a leap with voters in Michigan. He got 17 delegates, tying with Ted Cruz for second place in Michigan. John Kasich is considered a compromiser and a senior statesman. Kasich’s views are seen as more moderate than that of the other nominees,  yet still conservative. The voters that are voting for Marco Rubio are seen as potential Kasich voters if Rubio decides to drop out. Rubio dropping out would definitely help Kasich, but would it really help nominate Kasich? Most believe it won’t. They say it’s too late and that at this point it’s either Cruz or Trump.

On the other side, the Democratic potential nominees, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, are battling it out. Although Hillary is winning right now by a large amount of delegates, Bernie has a good chance of coming out as a victorious underdog. Bernie and Hillary will have to fight it to the end.

By: Gabe Apoj

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