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Warriors Get Spirited

This past week, as we approached Purim, high school students got to participate in a festive Spirit Week!

The festive week began with Pajama Day on Monday, when students and teachers could go straight from their bed to school in their PJs.

“I woke up like this, in my pajamas. I rolled out of bed and now I can sleep in class comfortably. It’s my favorite spirit day,” said Hanah Allouche (10th).

Tuesday was Megillah/Color Day for which each grade was assigned a designated Purim character along with a specific color to wear to school. The freshmen were Esther-themed and the color purple, sophomores were Mordechai and blue, juniors were Achashverosh and red, and the seniors were Haman and black.

During lunch throughout the week, festive music was played on the patio while drinks and food, including froyo, was available for students to buy. All the proceeds were donated to charity and Mishloach Manot for kids in need.

On Wednesday, each grade was designated a specific age for Citizens Day: the new freshmen were “babies”, the sophomores were “Gen Z/elementary”, the juniors were “parents”, and the seniors were “senior citizens”.

Thursday was Flip Day, when students and teachers swapped wardrobes for the day: students dressed as teachers, and teachers dressed as students.

“Flip Day’s awesome; I get to wear sweatpants to school. It was a blast,” said Rabbi Manne.

The closing day of Spirit Week was a classic Jersey Day. Students and faculty wore their favorite jerseys.

The entire high school community really enjoyed the special week, and are very excited for upcoming Purim holiday celebrations!

By: Elizabeth Ebner (10th)

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