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Warriors Wear Pink

By: Samantha Ebner (12th Grade)

This past Wednesday, the Hebrew Academy participated in “Sharsheret Pink Day,” an initiative started by students and organizations eleven years ago to raise breast and ovarian cancer awareness.

This year, staff and students took part in the movement by wearing pink and white shirts that said “Warriors Wear Pink” and “Pink Day 2020” with the warrior logo.

“I really liked that we had shirts that had ‘Pink Day’ on it and that were pink,” said Gal Gottesman (11th Grade). “Because even when we came back to class after the activities, we were still remembering that it was a special day and that we had to commemorate something.”

In addition to the apparel, students enjoyed activities relating to fitness. The girls were given the option to do yoga with Ms. Ehrlich, team building activities with Ms. Klees, bingo led by Rav Oded, or an exercise class taught by Morah Koriat. The boys had the options of basketball with Rabbi Manne and Coach Chad, soccer with Rabbi Wrightman, or Krav Maga led by Rabbi Koriat. These activities were designed to promote health and wellness within the student body for Pink Day.

“It was a fun little experience for Pink Day,” said Shiraz Bechar (10th) who did zumba and an ab workout with Morah Koriat. “Everyone participated and we all got to have fun with the workout while listening to music.”

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