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What Can We Do For Israel?

As we are all aware of, Israel is in its third week of war against Hamas after October 7th when the terrorist group infiltrated our country, firing thousands of rockets at residential areas that were not involved in any sort of conflict prior, murdering and torturing civilians. Almost 8,000 individuals have been killed in the war on both sides, including at least 1,400 innocent Israeli civilians and soldiers and 33 Americans.

Recently, our dear soldiers in Israel have completely pushed all Hamas terrorists out of the holy country. Luckily, Israel has been receiving support from many different countries, especially the United States. Over the past week, news about an alleged Israeli-sent rocket that hit a hospital in Northern Gaza broke out, that was later proven to be a misfired rocket by Hamas themselves, not Israel.

The war is dire and tragic, and many Jews living in the United States feel somewhat helpless, especially in our high school, considering that two of our Rabbis were heroically called to Israel to fight. So, is there anything we can do from here, instead of watching and waiting for good news?

As a nation, we should collectively avoid looking at Palestinian-influenced news that may spread false information. Many people don’t understand the facts and are not aware of what is truly happening. We must do our part by spreading awareness and sharing information, in an educational and helpful way. So too, as many of our Rabbis in our school have informed us, we should also unite in Tehillim, prayers, and acts of chesed for our dear soldiers and brothers and sisters in Israel. With Hashem’s help, the war will end smoothly and we will come out of it all stronger, more united, and thankful to have our state of Israel.

By: Levi Herssein (10th)

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