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Where Are They Now?

By: Shoshy Stein (9th grade)

The Warrior Word caught up with 2017 Hebrew Academy graduate Avi Stein, now at the University of Maryland.

“Right now I am a student at the University of Maryland. Before then I took a gap year in Israel at Yeshivat Torat Shraga. It taught me Jewish values that I continue to use throughout college. College is very different from how high school was. You are on your own and have to be pretty independent. There is also different scheduling for classes, which works out well because you have a lot of free time. Also, there are thousands of people here and you see new faces every day. So, it’s important to make friends and enjoy your college experience. The advice I would give to high school students is to work on your time management and do not stress too much about work or tests. It’s important to prepare and feel as if you have done everything you could have to do well. My plans after college are undecided right now. Hopefully, something interesting that pays the bills.”

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