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17th Annual Captain Hyman P. Galbut Basketball Shabbaton

The Hebrew Academy Girls Varsity Basketball Team enjoyed the honor of hosting and participating in the 17th Annual Captain Hyman P. Galbut Basketball Shabbaton. The tournament, hosted by Hebrew Academy, brought teams from schools across the country, including New York, Los Angeles, Memphis, Chicago, and more. It was a remarkable weekend for the girls, who were able to meet and befriend other players.

The tournament began on Wednesday, February 22nd, when the Varsity Lady Warriors spent the day packing bags and preparing for the other teams to arrive. Once they did, everyone gathered at the Miami Beach JCC for the annual barbeque before heading to the gyms to watch the teams’ first-round games.

“The barbeque is always a really nice way to reunite with the girls from the other teams, as well as meet new people,” said Lizzy Ebner (10th).

Early Thursday morning started the Lady Warriors’ competition as they played Margolin from Tennessee. The girls took control early, dominating a 51-24 victory. Afterwards, the Hebrew Academy basketball players celebrated with lunch before making their way to their next game against Central/YUHSG (Yeshiva University High School for Girls) from Queens, New York.

With another win, the Lady Warriors remained undefeated as the third seed. The bleachers were filled with students who came to watch the girls’ Friday game, but unfortunately, after putting up a tough fight against YULA (Yeshiva University High School of Los Angeles), the team fell short and lost, eliminating them from advancing in the tournament. However, the girls held their heads high, looking forward to the Shabbos of the tournament.

“It was really fun getting to watch the girls’ game and cheer for them with the whole high school,” said Jonny Gad (10th).

“The entire tournament was so fun, and even though we got out on Friday, we had a really good time playing and looking forward to Shabbos that night. Our entire season was amazing, and I’m excited for next year,” said team captain Sophie Lurie (11th).

Friday night, the girls sang and bonded with the other teams at dinner and Shabbos Oneg, held at the Hebrew Academy after a nice davening for Kabbalat Shabbat.

A meaningful davening was shared on Shabbat morning at the JCC, followed by a kiddush and icebreakers activities. All the players then returned to the host families for lunch, followed by a few hours of free time, and Shabbat concluded with davening, singing, a speaker, and Havdalah at the high school.

“I had a great time during Shabbos with everyone, especially as a freshman and this being my first time part of the tournament. It was really nice getting to know and bond with the girls from the other teams,” shared Lily Reinberg (9th).

Saturday night, the Lady Warriors had a great time defeating HAFTR (Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns & Rockaway) for their final game of the season, earning them 5th place in the tournament. Then, they watched the following games, including the very exciting championship at midnight.

Overall, the girls had an unforgettable time and are looking forward to future tournaments.

By: Eliana Wolfson (9th)

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