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A Week of Spirit, Costumes, and Excitement

Hebrew Academy Spirit Week set the school buzzing with excitement, as students dressed in costume every day this week in preparation for Purim. 

“I love spirit week because it makes us all happy and uplifted,” said Kayla Herskowitz (9th grade).

Spirit Week is five school days before Purim, during which students dress up each day according to a different theme. For the first day, career day, students dressed like their future selves. Some of the costumes included astronauts, a queen, doctors, a lawyer, and a veterinarian.

“When I graduate high school, I hope to go to medical school,” said future doctor Ariella Wolfson (10th grade). “So it was cool to be able to wear scrubs and get used to them, because hopefully that will be my future everyday uniform.”

Tuesday students supported their favorite sports teams by wearing various sports jerseys, shirts, sweatshirts and, for some, sweatpants.

“My favorite day of spirit week was jersey day because I got to support my favorite team, the Vikings, and jerseys are really comfortable,” said Ezrah Sultan (10th grade).

On Wednesday,  the phrase “on Wednesdays we wear pink,” from the movie Mean Girls was turned into pink day to coincide with breast cancer awareness. Student council members said they weren’t sure whether people would understand the connection between the movie and breast cancer awareness, but many students got it.

“I was really happy pink day was on Wednesday because Mean Girls is one of my favorite movies,” said Hadassah Bixon (9th grade). “I like that we are supporting breast cancer because it’s in the Jewish community, so it’s good to bring awareness to things like that and Sharsheret.”

Thursday was twin day, where each student picked someone to “twin” with. Students wore similar or exactly the same clothing, and some even did their hair the same. Groups of four wore similar hats and shoes, and doubles wore the exact same skirt and shirt.

“I am having a blast dressing up,” said Raquel Zohar (9th grade). “Dressing up has given me lots of ideas for my Purim costume, so now I’m pumped!”

Friday’s Israel day saw students wearing blue and white and various school shirts with Hebrew and Zionist quotes. Sophomores said Israel day helped get them excited for their 10th grade Israel trip in May.

With Purim just around the corner, students said Spirit Week helped pave the way for the upcoming festivities.

“It lets us express our artistic abilities in a school spirited way,” said Rummi Neuwirth (9th grade). “It allows us to feel a sense of change before Purim.” By: ​Tehila Moore

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