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Back to School: Welcome Back Warriors!

By: Elizabeth Ebner (10th)

As students returned for the new school year, they encountered a completely new environment. The block schedule, for one, has been removed and replaced with a schedule consisting of nine forty-minute periods daily. Additionally, many new faculty and staff members have joined the high school community and are getting to know one another, the students, and the school itself.

There is a broad spectrum of opinions within the student body concerning the new schedule. On the one hand, many students appreciate having each class daily and for a shorter time period.

“I really like the new schedule because the classes go by really fast, which makes the day feel quicker,” said Sophie Lurie (11th). “This schedule is better with shorter classes. I can pay attention for the entire class rather than half the 90-minute class of block-schedule.”

On the other hand, some students dislike the new schedule, preferring last year’s schedule of fewer and longer classes.

“I don’t like this new schedule–I’d much rather have a block-schedule because with this new schedule, every day is the same. It’s boring and monotonous,” said Max Lehmann (10th). “There are no breaks in the day besides lunch. There’s just work, more work, homework, and no time to relax.”

In addition to the schedule change, the school has welcomed many new teachers and administrators to the Hebrew Academy community and students are getting to know the new faces.

“I really like the new staff this year. They’ve been really warm and nice to be around,” said Ella Levy (10th).

Many returning teachers are readjusting nicely and welcoming the incoming faculty, as they are excited to work with their newest colleagues.

“Everyone I’ve met as a new faculty member is great. I love the faculty here. Ms. Martin is new in the English department, and she’s just a delight to work with,” said Ms. Walter, an English teacher.

Likewise, Mrs. Kaltman, the new High School Principal, has been enjoying her experience at Hebrew Academy thus far.

“I am really enjoying being here. I think the kids are amazing, and it’s been really fantastic transitioning here,” said Mrs. Kaltman.

Both students and teachers are adjusting to the school’s transition and are anticipating an academically rich and fun-filled year!

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