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Bittersweet Senior Night

This past Tuesday, January 11th, was an eventful day for the seniors; it was the annual Senior Night! To start off the evening, Morah Twito and the student council organized a pep rally to excite the student body. Each of the varsity basketball players was recognized and cheered on by their classmates. Later that day Junior Varsity, Varsity Girls, and Varsity Boys teams played Hillel, in back-to-back games. The seniors that have worked and played so hard during their high school years were celebrated. Their families were called up for pictures and were given flowers. The team coaches spoke about how much of an impact each student has made on them and the sports program as a whole.

“Watching you guys grow and improve from start to finish as seniors is my greatest reward as a coach,” said Coach Joe, the Varsity Girls coach.

For the seniors, it was an emotional night that symbolized an ending to their high school basketball careers.

“It was a really great moment, sitting there hearing my name being called. It did not feel real. I could not believe it was over," said Akiva Itzkowitz (12th).

Yakira Wolfson (12th), a starting player on the Varsity Girls team, added “I have grown up playing and working so hard all leading up to this moment. I realize how worth it all the effort really was.”

The night is an important opportunity for Hebrew Academy to thank and preemptively say goodbye to some of its great athletes. Hebrew Academy won all three basketball games making an even better end to the night.

By: Talia Herssein (9th)

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