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Clash of the Warriors


Last Wednesday, the RASG Warriors Boys Volleyball team was schooled in team chemistry.

During  an exciting game against the Westminster Christian Warrior Boys Volleyball team in the Hebrew Academy gym, the RASG Warriors played their best game yet, but just couldn’t cut it as Westminster spiked their way to a victory.

As both teams huddled up on the court, the crowd could feel the tension in the air.

The first set began with a forceful serve from Michael Shakib (10th grade) that resulted in a huge first point for the RASG Warriors. Throughout the first set, the RASG Warriors had some team-work issues and their chemistry was off, resulting in many errors. Westminster took the first set 25-16, making a statement that they intended to win.

During the break after the first set, RASG Warriors Coach Stephen Izaguirre made major lineup and positioning changes.  These changes worked, and Hebrew Academy took the second set with a score of 25-18. The chemistry between the Hebrew Academy’s  setter Max Del Giglio (12th grade) and Hebrew Academy’s outside hitter Michael Fedida (11th grade) helped Hebrew Academy beat Westminster in the air game.

After a tremendous set win by Hebrew Academy, Westminster was able to regroup and with maturity they were able to win the next two sets and earn the victory. These two sets were not easy for Westminster with Hebrew Academy fighting for every point.

“Even though we lost, I’m proud of my team and how we played,” said Ariel Dressler (12th grade).

This match was a very important and symbolic game for Hebrew Academy because it was the last district game of the year and also the last district game for Seniors Max Del Giglio and Ariel Dressler.

The Hebrew Academy Warriors have one more game in their season. It will take place this Monday, April 18th in the Hebrew Academy gym.

By: Max Del Giglio

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