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Color War!

By: Eliana Wolfson and Lily Reinberg

Last week, the high school students participated in Color War! Following the eleventh graders’ play Kazablan, Shalev Bachar broke out the Color War, and the high school students who filled the auditorium erupted with joy and excitement. Student captains were announced— one boy and one girl per grade (Arik Laber, Lily Reinberg, Daniel Pinhasov, Lizzy Ebner, Daniel Pollack, Noa Sasi, Leo Kanter, and Shoshy Stein), and the competition began!

This year’s Color War theme was inspired by the different Florida sports teams: the Panthers (freshmen), the Marlins (sophomores), the Heat (juniors), and the Dolphins (seniors).

Students enjoyed an amazing week, thanks to the Student Council’s thorough planning and efforts..

“Planning Color War this year went really well. We have a really good Student Council team, and we all work very well together, so planning was smoother and more fun!” shared Sara Reinberg (12th).

Over the course of a few days, students enjoyed the fun activities and bonding with friends by playing sports, making art, creating funny skits, and much more.

“My favorite part of Color War was bonding and uniting as a grade and community, and although I did not spend so much time with the other grades, we are always all Warriors, and competing with each other made it so fun,” said Matthew Muhlrad (9th).

“It was really fun getting to spend quality time with my grade,” said Eliora Gdanski (10th).

In the event’s finale, the eleventh grade class, team Miami Heat, took the win.

Students truly enjoyed the exciting days and activities, as well as the short break from classes, and they look forward to more events, including next year’s Color War!

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