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Come one come all: clubs are back on!

This Friday, the high school launched its annual club fair to display the various student-led clubs. During lunch, students were able to walk around from booth to booth, perusing the aisles of club options. While there are already many well-established clubs, such as yours truly, there is also a multitude of new groups for students to discover this year.

Mental Health Monday, created by Senior Shiraz Bachar, is hoping to provide a safe space for students to support one another. There will be weekly discussions on common teenage problems to help people relate their stories to one another and realize that they are not alone in their struggles. “I think it is really important that in this club people will get to know themselves and learn to love themselves,” said Bachar. “As time goes on, our depression will increase, especially among teenagers. I think that it’s really important that people are aware of it and can take care of themselves.” Many students share the same idea and believe that this club will be very beneficial to themselves and the school overall. Junior Moshe Dov explains why he is joining this club: “I think it is a good idea to have a mental health club so people can talk about all their issues in a healthy place instead of bottling it all up. I have a lot to talk about.”

While there are many educational clubs to help students understand themselves and the world they live in, a few were constructed with a more laid-back and fun approach. Daniella Finkelman (12th) and Ariela Jaimovich (10th) co-founded the school’s newest art club. With Morah Twito as their faculty advisor, they want to open an outlet for the aspiring artists of Hebrew Academy. They will be teaching art techniques and skills and will be creating art pieces to hang around the school. “The idea of the art club started with a few girls that are really connected to art. They looked at walls that could use a little bit of touching up, like do it Wynwood style,” said faculty advisor, Morah Twito. “We decided ‘let’s bring some color into the school’ as it will add to the positive atmosphere. I am an avid believer in having a positive environment and think it gives you the right vibe for learning.”

Clubs have always been a prominent part of student life at Hebrew Academy. Every year the list changes and students are encouraged to take advantage of them. Clubs allow students to pursue a wider variety of interests and potentially explore new ones. Hopefully, this year, students will be able to gain as much as they can from these experiences.

By: Warrior Word Staff

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