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Corona Diaries

Each week a different member of the Hebrew Academy community will share their daily life, thoughts and feelings about what it's like living in quarantine and the unprecedented pandemic sweeping the world.

By: Ali Smith (9th Grade)

As the coronavirus panic quickly approached, like many others, I was concerned my life would dramatically shift. Whether it was watching the news or simply having a conversation, everything revolved around the rapid virus that was putting the world on pause.

My first day house-bound was Monday, March 16th. I jokingly texted my classmates that quarantine wasn’t that bad, while outside soaking in the sun. We were all sad about not seeing one another, but most weren’t as concerned about the global pandemic infecting thousands of people.

Soon thereafter we started virtual classes. It was difficult to adjust to the new platform; one student lost wifi and another couldn’t find the class code, but eventually we were all able to adjust to the online program. With a brief introduction, teachers picked up where they left off, lecturing while we took notes.

Everyday is pretty similar, each a repetition of the day before. Once school ends, I work on homework and study. After I finish my work I try to exercise, especially after a whole day of sitting. Whether it’s dancing or going for a run around the block, I really try to move around.

Throughout the day I like to text and facetime my friends to stay connected. It’s difficult to go from seeing people everyday to just seeing them over a screen. It's sad not knowing when this will end.

I think everyone can agree this has been surreal. It’s scary to think about the terror the world faces right now. Everything is moving so fast, yet we are all forced to move at a slower pace and continue our lives. Unfortunately, during these hard times, other than remaining in quarantine, there is not much we can do to better the situation. I think it’s really important to take this time in solitude to do something positive: draw, write, spend time with family, and appreciate every moment.

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