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Corona Diaries

Each week a different member of the Hebrew Academy community will share their daily life, thoughts and feelings about what it's like living in quarantine and the unprecedented pandemic sweeping the world.

By: Hadassah Reich (10th Grade)

When I first heard about the Coronavirus, I never expected it to spread so rapidly and cause this much harm. I remember back in March, which feels like ages ago, my friends and I were talking about it like it was worlds away, and to us it was. I never thought it was possible that it would affect our daily lives like this.

Instead of waking up at 6:15 AM and going to school everyday, I wake up at 8 and get ready for Zoom classes. Online school is definitely a double edged sword. On one hand, I like the block schedule because I have more time to do assignments. Also, with all the extra time, I have been able to study more for my upcoming AP tests. On the other hand though, I don’t feel as motivated to do well in school, and I really miss seeing my friends everyday. 

When “school” ends every day, that’s when the boredom really hits. I have been trying lots of new things to occupy myself, like baking and painting. We recently started virtual basketball practices in the afternoons. It is very fun to see the team and start working out together again, but weird that we’re doing it over Zoom. One thing really bad about this is that my iPhone screen time is through the roof, so I’ve been trying to limit that by going outside more, which is pretty easy because the weather has been gorgeous these past few weeks. 

The Coronavirus and quarantine really opened my eyes to all the little things I take for granted, like seeing my friends every day and going to the mall. It’s crazy to me that in the future this whole ordeal will be just another chapter in history. I think that the times right now can be scary and confusing, especially because there is a lot of misinformation in the media, so it's very important to look for the positives. I cannot wait for it to be over, and I hope everyone comes back with a deeper appreciation for life. 

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