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Corona Diaries

Each week a different member of the Hebrew Academy community will share their daily life, thoughts and feelings about what it's like living in quarantine and the unprecedented pandemic sweeping the world.

By: Alina Sterenfeld (11th Grade)

Throughout these past months (yes, months!) stuck at home, I kept myself busy either studying for my APs, FaceTiming my friends, or kayaking. With AP season over, my WiFi maxed out, and the Miami weather, being, well, Miami weather, I found myself with something I never really had before: time. 

This strange and new oddity was much less luxurious as I originally thought however. Other than Netflix-Partying (highly recommend “Freedom Writers” and “The Florida Project”) and way too many tie-dye projects, I spent my time walking around aimlessly and waiting for dinner. Hating this feeling of boredom and unproductivity, I decided to take on a few hobbies. 

For the first time ever, I tried yoga. I have to admit, it was much less relaxing than I had hoped. I mean, you try being “mindful” and “zen” when your three sisters are TikToking, your dog is barking, and your parents haven’t figured out how to control the volume for their Zoom calls. Still, it’s a lot of fun though and feels really accomplishing to master certain poses (no, not the headstand...YET!)

I have also taken on cooking. Coming from someone who recently googled “how to boil an egg” this was an earnest endeavor. After making lasagna, bahn mi, quinoa, meatballs, french fries, pad thai, and chicken lettuce wraps, I can proudly say that I only set off the smoke alarm twice. 

All in all, I’ve been trying to make the best out of this whole situation. While I do enjoy doing yoga sun-salutations and sauteeing onions to Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me, I much rather be hanging out with my friends in a world with a COVID-19 vaccine.

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