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Cross Country Districts

Cross Country Districts Meet Another fantastic cross country season has come to a close. Cross country has been a program at our school for four years, with team members ranging from grades six through twelve. This was one of the greatest seasons yet! We gained new student athletes to our team from the ninth grade: Yael Sterenfeld, Zoe Sugar, Yakov Schwab, David Lurie, and Moshe Goldring. Not only did we garner interest from younger runners – we even boasted a brand new senior athlete, Ariel Dressler, who went on to finish a great first (and last) cross country season. This past Wednesday we competed in our districts meet. Our adrenaline was pumping, and our nerves were at their peak. Coaches Bryan Huberty, Mark Gomes, and Jessica Leto prepared us for this challenging meet by having us run a few extra miles each day leading up to the race. Our practices payed off and our times improved by a lot compared to the beginning of the season. Although running on the Greynold’s Park course was very challenging in the blistering heat, we still created new personal records at districts. Captain Serina Motola led the way for the Lady Warriors with a time of 30:04, and Yael Sterenfeld followed seconds later with a time of 30:52. Abigail Gottlieb came in 3rd from our team with a 32:02 pace. Aliza Posner crossed the finish line with a time of 33:07, and Zoe Sugar came in with a 38:44. Sara Fuchs helped complete the final scoring for our team with a time of 40:30. Yakov Schwab, a new addition to our squad, ran a 20:07 5k (3.1 mile race) and Moshe Goldring ran at a 21:11 pace for the same distance. Following them was Dylan Del Giglio with a time of 22:41. David Lurie was right behind him at 22:47, and Avi Gottlieb ran hard with a time of 23:40. Seniors Danny Bister and the aforementioned Dressler crossed the finish line together, displaying serious unity, with a time of 25:27. It’s hard to believe that this amazing season has ended! Congratulations to our seniors and our captains – Avi Gottlieb, Ariel Dressler, and Danny Bister – for guiding our team through these formative years, and best of luck in all of your future endeavors. Written By: Zoe Sugar

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