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Devious TikTok Trend

Ceiling lights stuffed in a urinal. A noticeably empty sink basin. Soap dispensers ripped off the wall. These are some of the sights you might encounter if you happened to step foot into the boys’ bathrooms over the past few weeks. As this is written, the perpetrators and their motives remain unknown to students and administration. However, this act may be linked to a TikTok challenge, known as Devious Lick, affecting schools across the country. In an attempt to convince those responsible to own up to their actions, Dr. Lieber and Rabbi Guttenberg (Dr. Jones was in Los Angeles tending to a family illness) held an all-boys assembly on Friday, September 10th. They outlined the consequences that will be administered if they discover who was responsible, with an emphasis on how difficult these boys were making the maintenance staff’s job.

"When you start destroying property without any concern for the impact it has on others as well as those who pay for it, have to clean it up, and have to fix it you are not living up to the values of the school or Judaism,” said Dr. Jones. “I think the students who did this are better than this and I hope they realize that next time something as shallow as a TikTok challenge motivates them towards this type of behavior.”

These acts of vandalism by a few students have already affected all the boys; as of now, there are only two bathrooms in the high school. This is not the first time boys’ bathrooms have been defaced, as the all-boys disciplinary assembly seems to be an annual occurrence. When asked what he thought about the situation a senior boy said, “It’s pretty messed up for real.”

By: Warrior Word Staff

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