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Dvar Torah: Parshat Beresheit

This week, we delve into the very first Parsha of the Torah: Beresheit.

At the beginning of Beresheit, we read about the creation of the world in six days. The story of creation is not just an account of how our world came into existence; it's a powerful metaphor for the importance of taking our own roles in the world.

For example, Adam and Eve weren't explicitly trying to disobey Hashem's requests when they ate the forbidden fruit. Therefore, we can learn from their mistakes and attempt to ignore our yetzer ha’rah. By doing so, we can get closer to positively fulfilling our purpose in life.

Beresheit is not just a story of the distant past; it’s a guide to our lives as Jewish people. Hashem gave us the power to live our own lives, but we should be making the right decisions.

Shabbat Shalom, and may we next year be in Yerushalayim!

By: Abie Zohar (9th)

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