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Get to know Mrs. Taktuk

This week, the Warrior Word interviewed one of the new Judaic staff members at our school, Mrs. Taktuk. Get to know her as she shares why she began teaching, her thoughts on Hebrew Academy, and her favorite hobbies.

Elizabeth Ebner: Where are you from?

Mrs. Taktuk: I was originally born in London, grew up in Englewood, New Jersey.

EE: Why did you move to Florida?

MT: I got married ten months ago. My husband is from Israel, but he has lived here for five years.

EE: What got you interested in teaching?

MT: In every way possible, I want to be there and strengthen young, Jewish women because they’re the future and we really need strong, Jewish women in the world.

EE: What’s your favorite subject to teach specifically?

MT: Chabad Chassidus.

Talia Herssein: Which classes do you teach?

MT: I teach Chumash, Halacha, Gemara, and Navi eventually.

TH: What are some of your favorite hobbies and interests?

MT: I love traveling. I love to travel, I love going on vacation, obviously. But if I’m home, I love to read and watch Holocaust movies.

EE: From traveling, what’s your favorite place you’ve ever been to?

MT: Hawaii, for sure. Nothing like it.

TH: What’s your favorite food?

MT: Spaghetti and tomato sauce, just plain.

TH: How’s your experience been at Hebrew Academy so far? Do you like the staff and the kids and the environment?

MT: I really love it here. I think it’s a really warm environment and it’s not a scary environment like a lot of the places I went to school. Everyone’s nice, and I really love it. It’s new, it’s interesting.

TH: What’s your favorite movie?

MT: My favorite movie’s actually Pride and Prejudice.

TH: How would you describe yourself?

MH: I would describe myself as passionate and authentic, and passionate about Judaism.

TH: Thank you so much!

By: Talia Herssein (9th) and Elizabeth Ebner (9th)

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