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Get to Know Rabbi Alpert

This week, the Warrior Word interviewed one of the new Judaic staff members at our school, Rabbi Alpert. Get to know him as he shares his goals as a teacher, his experience moving to Florida.

Elizabeth Ebner: Where are you from?

Rabbi Alpert: I was born in New York City.

EE: When did you move to Florida?

RA: August 3rd, 2021.

EE: Why did you move here?

RA: I got the job here, but we wanted to move to a smaller, more tight-knit community. A little bit out of town, out of the big city of New York. So we settled on Florida, and then I got a job here, and everything’s been great.

EE: Do you like it here more than New York?

RA: Yes.

EE: Which classes do you teach?

RA: I teach Talmud to the ninth-grade girls honor class, eleventh grade Talmud to the boys, tenth grade Chumash to the boys, Jewish philosophy to the boys and the girls, tenth grade Bava Kama to the girls, and ninth grade Chumash.

EE: What goals do you have as a teacher?

RA: To help foster an understanding and appreciation of the Jewish religious values and culture. To expand my students’ knowledge and awareness as to why we, as Jews, do what we do. Of great personal importance to me, is that with God’s help, accomplishing these goals will help inspire my students to pass on the torch of Jewish tradition and identity.

EE: What are some of your favorite hobbies out of school?

RA: I like learning on my own, but outside of the school stuff I love being with my kids, I like playing basketball, I play a little piano.

EE: How many children do you have?

RA: So far I’ve been blessed with four, thank G-d.

EE: What’s your favorite Jewish holiday?

RA: I think they’re all my favorite. Everyone has their own special uniqueness to it. Now that we’re learning about Chanukah, Chanukah’s up there.

EE: How long have you taught for?

RA: In a typical classroom environment I’m very new, but I’ve been involved in teaching Torah for probably about five and a half years.

EE: I know this is your first year teaching girls. Do you like it so far?

RA: Yes.

EE: What’s your personal favorite Jewish subject to learn?

RA: I love learning almost any Jewish subject, as long as I could go deeper and peel apart the outer layers of what’s happening. I approach all subjects equally.

EE: Which is your favorite subject to teach to students?

RA: Same type of idea, as long as I can help deepen an appreciation for the subject matter. I guess Talmud is easier to do that than Chumash. Chumash is sometimes a little trickier.

EE: Thank you, Rabbi!

By: Elizabeth Ebner (9th)

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