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HA Reviews: Squid Game

Netflix's release of Squid Games has been a huge success. The show features a lot of death, friendship, and rivalry. The premise of the game is that people in debt compete in games to win money. In the beginning, each person had to sign a piece of paper with the game rules; all signed it quickly and did not think twice. After the first game, when the players died, I believe many had second thoughts. However, even after being let out, they all chose to come back and win the money because of how bad their lives were back home. At the end of the show, there is a plot twist revealing the creator of the game. It was shocking. I couldn’t believe someone would create something this disturbing and diabolical. But this just made the show interesting and different from others.

In my opinion, the show was great but overwhelming. The "simple games" are not as simple as they seem, resulting in hundreds of deaths. Personally, it was a lot to handle due to the extreme amount of violence. For example, scenes included gory images of dead players covered in blood.

I believe the people and their complex relationships enhanced the show. Watching friends betray and backstab one another added to this dynamic. Some formed friendships, while others became enemies. I was shocked when Sang Woo killed Ali, as it seemed to the audience that they had become best friends. Although he did the unexpected, it shows how far people will go when they are fighting for their lives. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this show and recommend it to others.

By: Warrior Word Staff

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