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Head-to-Head: Is Parting Such Sweet Sorrow?

On the morning of April 21st, the seniors were greeted to their final day of high school. Many were excited, awaiting their soon to come independence. Seniors Jeremy Dobin and Esther Nahon offered their opinions on graduating:


Excited for the Future

By: Jeremy Dobin (12th Grade)

I am very excited to graduate high school. I feel ready for my future endeavors, and I am looking forward to my next chapter in life. I am grateful for the relationships and memories that I made throughout my high school career, but I know that there are so many more relationships for me to form and so many experiences to have. Also, my friends will always be my friends and I am obviously still going to see them. As for faculty members, I feel lucky to have had some really great teachers throughout high school. Additionally, administrators have really helped me out and provided me with unique connections and lessons during my time at Hebrew Academy.

I am happy to have had three fantastic activities directors who all provided me and my classmates with memorable, fun times in high school. Certain faculty members have had profound impacts on my time as a student in high school, and for that, I am truly grateful. Although the school is quite different from the one that I entered as a freshman, there seem to be so many more students now which is great for the growth and development of the school.

Due in part to many positive associations with my time in high school, I feel equipped with what I need from a sense of character’s point of view to go on to new environments. After four eventful years as a student in high school, I was exposed to numerous situations which helped me learn to navigate different types of situations. I specifically learned how to deal with a lot of conflict and change. I will always be able to refer back to my time at HA if a certain conflict or certain type of situation comes my way in the future.

I am glad that the school community is growing and hopefully it will continue to do so especially with the new building on its way. I am thankful for my time at Hebrew Academy and am ready to see what my future holds and what the futures of my classmates’ hold.


Nostalgic about the Past

By: Esther Nahon (12th Grade)

While I really thought I’d be saying the opposite, I can’t help but be extremely sentimental about leaving the (broken down yet homey) High School building. Maybe I’m saying this because I’ve had to be remote for the last few weeks of Senior Year, but being away only helps to realize how lucky and appreciated we really are. To be quite frank, Senior Year was NOTHING like I imagined it to be. It has definitely been a crazy, wild ride with plenty of unexpected twists and turns. Nevertheless, that’s what makes Hebrew Academy what it is; somehow, we’ve been able to make it through every situation together and that is something I’m truly going to miss.

What I am not going to miss however is having so much work on my plate! But despite the many late nights of studying, a piling AP workload, college essays, and application deadlines that seemed to never end, I wouldn’t trade a thing for the warm, tender, and extraordinary environment we’ve created along the way. The class of 2021 has made all of my years at the Hebrew Academy worthwhile- I’ve been through some of the best and some of the worst moments of my life surrounded by a community of friends and faculty that I’ve learned to call my family. That’s what makes graduating so hard- while I’m beyond excited to explore what the future holds, at the same time, I wish that I could hold on just a little bit longer to purely take in and enjoy everything about the past four years.

The Hebrew Academy has been the only place I’ve ever known, and in part is nothing short my second home. This is the place I grew up, learning life long lessons from my teachers and friends, but more importantly, about who I am. I’ll definitely cherish the precious friendships, memories, insight, and opportunities the school has offered for a long time down the road. Looking back, I’m going to miss so many of the little things that became part of everyday routine: greeting Israel in the mornings, laughing over the piano in the women’s league during lunch, and even catching my breath after climbing up five flights of stairs to get to Mrs. Schapiro’s class.

Overall, I can’t help but be extremely grateful for my High School experience. I’ve met and formed relationships with such special people and have had the privilege of learning from extremely talented and knowledgeable teachers. Although I wish I could jam pack the HA community into my carry on suitcase, I know that the lessons and values I’ve learned will stick with me forever. I’m happy to say that this moment is bittersweet because no matter where the next chapter of our lives takes us, there will always be an HA family to come home to.

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