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High Schoolers' New Years Resolutions

With 2021 ahead, the Warrior Word interviewed students to see what goals they have for the new year. Here are the results of students' New Years Resolutions.

Samantha Pantoja (9th Grade)

“I’m going to be vegan for 2021, or at least try!”

Shoshy Stein (10th Grade)

“In the new year, I’m going to practice and play more sports, and hopefully the seasons will be back on next year. I’m also going to focus on getting better grades because constantly switching from Zoom and real school has been a strange new experience to adjust to. Later on in the year, I hope the vaccines will be more available so I can hang with my friends more and go to a fun summer program.”

Daniella Finkleman (11th Grade)

"This year I want to focus on my school work and do better in school. I want to focus on art and be more creative because I haven’t done it the past year. Also, I want to go out more and hang out with my family more because that is what is important."

Yosef Fruhman (12th Grade)

"I have no New Years resolutions because I can start doing something whenever I want to start doing something. Why do I got to wait till New Years?"

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