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Highlights: Sophomore Israel Trip

Compiled by: Eliora Gdanski (9th)

In the two weeks following Pesach, the sophomores had a blast on their Israel trip! In brief interviews, they each spoke about meaningful moments and highlights of their trip:

Abby Rubinov: The most special thing about my trip was actually getting to see all of the historical monuments that we learn about in school and in the Torah. Our class also bonded so much on the trip, which made the trip so much fun! My favorite thing we did on the trip was rafting because we all had so much fun with each other.

Jacob Assaraf: This trip was so meaningful to me because not only did we as a class connect with each other, but we connected with the land of Israel itself. Being able to visit the graves of the soldiers who passed protecting Israel was something so meaningful to me. Watching all the current soldiers crying at past soldiers' graves who they did not even know is something that made us feel more connected to the soldiers. My favorite thing we did on the trip was rafting. While rafting we were all throwing each other off the rafts and into the water. Overall this trip was an amazing experience.

Adam Michael: The Israel trip was so special to me because we got to go to a lot of very holy sights, like the Kotel and Maarat Hamchpela. The most fun thing we did was going out on Yom Haatzmaut. We got to dance with thousands of other people who, like us, were all celebrating their love for Israel.

Adina Krinsky: When going to Israel I felt so connected because the last time I was there I was only 11. This was my second time in Israel and I felt really inspired being there and seeing all the historical sights we saw. My favorite part of the trip was the army training. This was such a special and meaningful experience.

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