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Humans of RASG

Humans of RASG, similar to Humans of New York, is a verbal snapshot of the people who make up our high school. Each human is asked to speak about themselves at length, and their monologue is recorded and transcribed verbatim. In order to keep it real, nothing is omitted . This week, the Warrior Word interviewed Ayelet Friedman (9th). Get to know Ayelet as she discusses her journey as a pianist, as well as her affinity for Language Arts.

Hi, I’m Ayelet Friedman. I’m in 9th Grade at Hebrew Academy. I have been going to this school for 12 years. Some of my hobbies include playing piano and music in general. I also enjoy reading and especially having fun with my friends and family. Back to piano–I’ve been taking lessons since I was 5. I didn’t always love piano, and sometimes I would practice just because it was something I felt I needed to do. Eventually, as I persevered and continued to play, I started to enjoy it more and more. Sometimes, I have to do exams and recitals and even though it is very nerve-racking at the moment, it’s an amazing feeling to have that accomplishment once it’s over. I am the oldest of three girls, and for the first half of my childhood, I lived in an apartment on the beach, but now I live in a house. My favorite subject is probably English. I really like a lot of other subjects, such as science and history, but English is just something that I have always been able to connect to. It gives me the ability to express myself through my writing. I also enjoy reading, which we get to do in English class. Last summer, I went to Camp Morasha. It was a super fun experience, and I am excited to go back this summer. When I’m older, I think it might be very interesting for me to pursue law, but I’m not really sure yet and will see where life takes me.

Compiled by: Tova Bossewitch (9th) and Eliana Bensousssan (9th)

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