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Humans of RASG: Ella Levy

By: Eliora Gdanski (10th)

Humans of RASG, similar to Humans of New York, is a verbal snapshot of the people who make up our high school. Each human is asked to speak about themselves at length, and their monologue is recorded and transcribed verbatim. In order to keep it real, nothing is omitted. This week, the Warrior Word interviewed Ella Levy (10th). Get to know Ella as she discusses her transition to Hebrew Academy and her summers at camp.

Hi, my name is Ella Levy. I’m in 10th grade at Hebrew Academy. I’ve been going to this school for five years and I love it. I switched to this school in 5th grade right before middle school. It was a big change for me. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. I felt like I was in this school forever because of how easy it was to fit in. I used to live in Bay harbor in an apartment. I then moved to a house in Miami Beach and I have lived there ever since. I am the middle child with one older and one younger brother. My older brother graduated two years ago and is in his second year of yeshiva in Israel. This year I’m in the film elective and it’s very interesting. We get to learn about films and how they are made. We also get to watch many films. I went to Camp Mesorah for the past two years and I loved it. I made so many of my closest friends and had the best time there. This upcoming summer I’m going to Israel for the summer on Sulam. I’m so excited and can’t wait to spend the summer with my Mesorah friends and make new ones. I love spending time with my family and friends when I’m not at school. After I graduate from high school I want to go to Israel for a year for seminary and then go to college.

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