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Humans of RASG: Jacob Wigoda

Humans of RASG, similar to Humans of New York, is a verbal snapshot of the people who make up our high school. Each human is asked to speak about themselves at length, and their monologue is recorded and transcribed verbatim. In order to keep it real, nothing is omitted. This week, the Warrior Word interviewed Jacob Wigoda (11th). Get to know Jacob as he discusses his various hobbies and his life as a student. 

"Hi, my name is Jacob Wigoda. I’m a 16-year-old Ashkenazi Jew. I have attended Hebrew Academy since Pre-K and am currently a junior. As a junior, I take four APs and run two clubs. I run a club called DECA. I am part of AIPAC and Model UN. In fact, we are going to Connecticut next week for a Model UN conference. On top of my clubs, I am very studious and want to get into prestigious colleges like UPenn, UMichigan, and UF. School is one of my top priorities. In fact, I dropped out of Jujitsu, which I have been doing for two and a half years, so I could focus on my studies. In my free time, along with Jujitsu which I used to do, I also play a couple sports such as basketball and football. My secret to managing all of this is getting a good night's sleep. I recommend going to bed around nine. Sometimes I wake up in the early mornings at around five AM to go to the gym with Zalman Shagalov [11th]. However, I still think long nights of sleep are the key to success.”

Composed by: Adela Kopfstein (9th) & Adina Shagalov (9th)

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