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Introducing Warrior Poetry

This year, the Warrior Word is extremely pleased to introduce its own poetry column! Help us foster student creativity and encourage readers to connect emotionally with their peers’ writing. by submitting your original poem anonymously. In order to submit a poem, contact either Warrior Word chief editor Kayla Herssein ( or Owen Ebner (

The Best Thing About Life:

What is life?

Life is a very fun game

You’re in, and then out.

But people find it a burden,

A place in which 9 to 5 is normalized,

Where people have dreams untouched,

Places left abandoned.

The only love we see is divorce,

Where the bare minimum gets praised.

Life should be about exploring,

Finding yourself and surrounding yourself with people that you can grow with.

Easier said than done right?

The best thing about life is simply living

Living in a mindset where you don't have to make an impact to have lived

And don’t have to stress over money.

Life is about those little things that get overseen,

Like the pretty flowers on the way to school,

Or the good morning hugs you give loved ones.

I was thinking the other day:

People are so weird.

We own little animals walk them feed them and call them pets,

We make things that can turn into something much bigger than us,

Water comes out of our eyes when we're sad,

Our mouths turn a different shape when we're happy,

Everything and everyone is so different yet the same.

So how come we all have different definitions of life

What's yours?


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