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Junior Shabbaton Unifies Class


This past weekend, the Hebrew Academy 11th grade class was able to come together and exceed expectations during their first Shabbaton in Miami Beach.

The weekend started off with an exciting day at the Great Escape Room. The fun continued with a personality exercise, which kept the bus buzzing with conversation long after the game was over. Friday night davening and dinner was held at the Beth Israel Congregation of Miami Beach, along with insightful dvar torahs and fun activities. The juniors returned to Beth Israel for Saturday morning davening and then went to the Luries, who generously opened their home for a delicious lunch. As Shabbat was coming to an end, the juniors made their way over to Dr. Lieber’s house to hang out and recap the weekend.

The Shabbaton started off with people sticking to their friend group, but as the weekend went on, people started to branch out. By the end of the Shabbaton there was a sense of unity throughout the class. 

“I loved the Shabbaton. Our class got so connected,” said Barby Moadeb (11th grade). “There was no drama. It was all love. We were all playing in Dr. Liebers back yard, and it looked like a family reunion.”

Many juniors said they saw new sides of their classmates and gained a new appreciation for one another.

“It was very meaningful, and I connected with a lot of kids that I usually don’t connect with,” said Isaac Corcia (11th grade). “Rabbi Ney was great. He came up with a lot of fun activities.”

By: Julia Ohana

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