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Live Like Sammy

Hebrew Academy students have adopted the mottos “Live Like Sammy” and “Smile for Sammy” in the wake of his tragic passing to emulate and remember Sammy’s happy demeanor. To honor his memory and continue his legacy, The Warrior Word now features a weekly column dedicated to Sammy.

When we were going into 9th grade, the summer of, I got invited to an 8th grader’s bat mitzvah and there weren’t many people from my class there so I was really bored. So I texted Sammy that I was really bored, and 10 minutes later he texts me that he’s on his way. So I said “What?” So he’s like “yeah, I’m gonna come and keep you company.” So he drove all the way to the bat mitzvah to keep me company, even though he wasn’t invited, and he hung out with me the whole time. Now, seeing the length that he went through to make someone happy, just because I was bored, shows me that I should follow in his footsteps and in case that ever happens to someone else, that I should do a similar thing. – Shirel Baranes (10th)

Compiled by Samantha Ebner (11th)

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