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Live Like Sammy


Hebrew Academy students have adopted the mottos “Live Like Sammy” and “Smile for Sammy” in the wake of his tragic passing to emulate and remember Sammy’s happy demeanor. To honor his memory and continue his legacy, The Warrior Word now features a weekly column dedicated to Sammy.

I was staying at [my friend’s] house, and at the time she lived in the same building as [Sammy]. On Shabbos we were playing a game, before I really knew him because it was my second year in school, and I was sitting on the side because I didn’t really know how to play. Sammy told me to come and he included me. He made me feel welcomed. He was just a caring person and he taught me to be kind to others, even if you don’t know them. – Akiva Itzkowitz (9th)

Compiled by Samantha Ebner (11th)

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