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Live Like Sammy


Hebrew Academy students have adopted the mottos “Live Like Sammy” and “Smile for Sammy” in the wake of his tragic passing to emulate and remember Sammy’s happy demeanor. To honor his memory and continue his legacy, The Warrior Word now features a weekly column dedicated to Sammy.

Once I was in a fight with someone, and I was holding back things that I wanted to say because I didn’t want to hurt the person. I was talking about it with Sammy and he taught me it’s better to be straight up about how I felt and that even if it hurts the person in the long run it will make things better, because if you’re honest about everything you can talk it out and fix things. If you hold back it’s just going to make you have a grudge against that person and they won’t know why. Whenever I’m in a fight or something is wrong, I’ll be straight up about it because that’s what Sammy taught me to do. -Shirelle Barroukh (9th)

Compiled by Samantha Ebner (11th)

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