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Live Like Sammy


Almost every day walking through the halls on the third floor, I would feel a hit on my shoulder and see Sammy with his book in his hand smiling and that’s how conversation would start. Every talk I had with Sammy ended with a smile on my face and a positive outlook to any problem I faced. Sammy was the guy to make sure I was constantly okay, and if I ever had a disagreement with him he made sure that it would end in a smile and laughter. Sammy always took his time out of whatever he was doing to answer my FaceTime calls that would last forever, just to help me with Talmud and make sure I understood everything. One thing I will take on as a person is to make sure to look at the positive in every situation and make everyone I encounter laugh and happy just like Sammy constantly did. -Eden Albergel (10th)

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