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March Madness Championship Results

By: Owen Ebner (10th Grade)

After a great March Madness, the school basketball tournament concluded right before Pesach. Following a month full of regular season games, all playoff games were played on March 24th. The day was packed with a tripleheader full of games.

The playoffs began with first seed Blue playing fourth seed Grey. The heavy favorite, the blue team, narrowly won and advanced to the championship. The other semifinal game happened right after, with the second seed White playing third seed Black. Black led the whole game and won confidently.

Black headed into the championship game as a heavy underdog to Blue. Blue had only lost once all season and many people expected them to dominate Black. The opposite happened though, as the Black team was crowned as champions. They held a lead all game and won by ten points.

“We won because we put our heart and soul into this.” said Yossi Shaulson (10th Grade), a member of the Black team. “And when it mattered most we came through and won. Let's go!”

Despite the bleachers being empty for most tournament games, many students came to watch the slate of playoff games. The games did not disappoint and many enjoyed watching.

“Watching the March Madness Tournament was super fun and exciting,” said Hannah Folk (10th). “It was cool to watch the games since we haven't been able to go for so long.”

Based on student testimonies, the March Madness tournament was a huge success. Congratulations to the Black team on their championship win. Hopefully next year everyone will be able to enjoy the return of school sports.

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