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Meet Dr. Maguire

This week, the Warrior Word interviewed Dr. Maguire. Get to know him as he shares his favorite hobbies, his thoughts on Hebrew Academy, and why he got into teaching.

Elizabeth Ebner: “Where are you from?”

Dr. Maguire: “I’m from Olean, New York.”

Yona Groisman: “What are some of your favorite hobbies?”

DM: “I like playing pickleball, basketball, and watching movies.”

YG: “What’s your favorite movie?”

DM: “I like Do the Right Thing by Spike Lee.”

EE: “Why did you choose to go into teaching?”

DM: “I like helping students succeed.”

YG: “What made you specifically want to pursue English?”

DM: “I like to read and think about big questions.”

EE: “Were you always interested in teaching?”

DM: “No, I originally wanted to be a psychologist.”

EE: “When you wanted to pursue teaching, did you know you wanted to specialize in English?”

DM: “Yes.”

YG: “Tell us a little bit about your family.”

DM: “I live with my wife Lamiya, and we have a cat named Zoe. I have five siblings, and the rest of my family all lives in the northeast, so I’m the only one down south.”

YG: “What’s your favorite study within the subject of English?”

DM: “I would say American literature.”

EE: “What’s your favorite food?”

DM: “Let’s go with Buffalo mac and cheese.”

EE: “I know you love rap, so who’s your favorite of all time?”

DM: “Of all time? Oh, man. I’ll give you a top three. We got Kanye, and then I’m gonna go with Jay-Z, and Kendrick Lamar.”

YG: “If you could meet anyone, alive or not, who is someone you would want it to be and why?”

DM: “I would love to meet, let’s go with an author, Toni Morrison. She’s one of my favorite authors, she just recently died, so I’ll never get the chance to meet her obviously.”

EE: “What’s your dream place to go to?”

DM: “That I’ve never been to? I’m gonna say Italy.”

YG: “Which classes do you teach here?”

DM: “I teach freshman English, sophomore English, AP Language, and debate.”

EE: “How has your experience in Hebrew Academy been?”

DM: “It’s been good. I want to give you a not-cliche answer. I’ve really enjoyed learning about the culture, and working with a lot of students and colleagues who care about making this school great.”

YG: “What’s some advice you would give to your students?”

DM: “Well, do the reading.”

By: Elizabeth Ebner (9th Grade) and Yona Groisman (9th Grade)

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