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Meet Mr. Garber

The Warrior Word sat down with the man of knowledge and style, math teacher Mr. Garber for a revealing look into his world. 

Sophie Gordon: How did you become a teacher?

Mr. Garber: I started a long time ago, and the first teaching job that I had was teaching math to boys who had committed crimes, so I thought that I’d be doing something good because I thought that I could reach such boys because of my own background.

SG: What’s your background?

Mr. G: Well, I know what it’s like to be unwanted, let us say.

SG: Tell us more about that.

Mr. G: That’s about all I have to say on the matter.

SG: Were you rebellious in your teenage years? How were you?

Mr. G: As a teenager my main interest was playing sports.

SG: What sports?

Mr. G: Basketball, baseball, and football. I was on the football team, and the coach specifically said to me that he wanted me to be on the team and catch passes. So I went to a couple of practices without contact, and he said you must take this piece of paper, it’s an insurance waiver and take it to your mother to sign. And she wouldn’t sign it.

SG: That’s so sad.

Mr. G: Well, she was right.

SG: What did you do after high school? College?

Mr. G: I worked right after I graduated for the summer, and then I went to college and I worked throughout college.

SG: How do you like the environment here? Like the kids?

Mr. G: I like the students and that there’s a code of behavior and ethics surrounding the whole thing.

SG: Is there a favorite grade of yours? Mr. G: No, they all have their characteristics. Obviously. You would know that, you go here.

SG: A lot of the kids here are very curious about your apparel. The vest, the hats…

Mr. G: The best pens, calculator are there. In Florida when I’m outside,  I always wear a hat because of the sun. So, I started wearing it around here because the air conditioning made it cold in here, so you can conserve a lot of body heat by wearing a hat. You know that, right? Twenty percent more body heat. So, I don’t know, I guess in these circumstances I left it on.

By: Sophie Gordon (12th grade)

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