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Meet Mrs. Zuckerman

New Judaics teacher Mrs. Zuckerman is also a former Hebrew Academy student. After graduating from the class of 2010, Mrs. Zuckerman attended Stern College for Women. Warrior Word reporter Samantha Ebner (9th grade) asked her about how Hebrew Academy has changed, how it has stayed the same, and what it’s like to be back, now that her role has reversed.

Samantha: When was your first year at Hebrew Academy?

Mrs. Zuckerman: My first year was 2006.

S: How do your students remind you of your former classmates?

Z: I think the main similarity I witness all the time is the feeling. When I went to school here, myself included, all of the kids were always happy and smiling, and I think it’s a wonderful trait that Hebrew Academy students have kept.

S: How has learning changed from when you went here until now?

Z: The main difference/change is the advance in technology. When I went here we didn’t use laptops, smart phones, iPads, etc. in class because we didn’t have them. Now though, kids are always using their devices to study on, search things up, write notes, and I think it’s a great advantage that the students now-a-days have.

S: Warrior gear is all the rage now. Was it like that when you were here?

Z: No. Although we still have the same mascot, we didn’t have any “warrior-wear” when I went here.

S: What’s it like going through hallways you walked through as a student, and now as a teacher?

Z: Honestly, it’s really strange. Every morning, when I walk to davening, I pass my locker which is really funny. But mostly, it’s weird not seeing my friends all the time. I always think that when I turn the corner my friends are going to be there, but obviously, they’re not.

S: Do you keep in touch with your Hebrew Academy friends still?

Z: Yes, I talk to my Hebrew Academy friends all the time, because those friends turned into family for me. Since I’ve left Hebrew Academy, I’ve only gotten really close with two other people not from this school. All of my other close friends though, as I said before, are from this school.

S: Are any of the teachers that work here now your former teachers?

Z: Yes, Mrs. Shapiro and Morah Kravetz. I learned a lot from each of them growing up here, and I continue to.

S: Most of the kids in Hebrew Academy are close even if they’re not in the same grade. Was it like that when you went here?

Z: Yes, it was, and I love it. The spontaneity and camaraderie between Hebrew Academy students is really special and not many schools have that. I love the meshing of grades and how all grades are friendly and there’s no separation.

S: What was it like when you went on the Senior Shabbaton, since the last time you were on it was as a student?

Z: It brought back so many memories my friends and I made on every Shabbaton, including this one.

S: What do you teach?

Z: I teach Bereshit, Shmot, and Megillot.

S: Did you make up a curriculum for your class or do you use what you learned?

Z: A mixture of both. I experiment with different teaching methods that I make up by myself, but how I’m able to make up a curriculum, is because of what I was taught not only at seminary, but here as well.

S: I know Gemara is a new subject that girls are learning in this school for the first time. Do you like the fact that girls are now learning Gemara?

Z: Very much, actually. I really like it because it is a more intellectual pursuit of academic Judaic studies that girls now get to learn and grow from.

By: Samantha Ebner (9th grade)

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