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New Hampshire Primary

The results from the New Hampshire primary came in, and there were a few surprises. Both Trump’s huge victory and Sander’s win were well expected. However, what surprised many was John Kasich’s performance-coming in second place in the Republican NH primary.

John Kasich and Trump are quite different. Their difference highlights the growing split in the Republican party. Growing numbers of moderate Republicans are siding with John Kasich, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush. While at the same time, strong conservative numbers are sticking with either Trump or Cruz. The primary also revealed how Bush and Rubio have a chance of coming through and getting nominated.

On the other hand, the Democratic party primary came with very few shockers. The majority of people expected Sanders to “take the win.” Perhaps, the only surprise was by how much Sanders beat Hillary. Alhough Hillary won the Iowa caucus, this will be a tight race. Sanders won at that scale mostly because of young voters. Hillary will have to  appeal more younger voters if she wants to secure her spot as the nominee.

The race brings a lot of different important views into the limelight. Hopefully, when the next leader of the free world is elected in November we can learn to put our differences away, and learn to compromise-something politicians in the Capitol seem to have forgotten.

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