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Op-Ed: Coronavirus and the Environment

By: Naomi Ohana (10th Grade)

Even though the Coronavirus is a deadly pandemic, plaguing people around the world, there have been tremendous benefits for the environment. The stringent lockdown that Italy mandated cleared the often murky waters of Venice due to the absence of boat traffic. The world has also experienced the biggest drop in global carbon emissions since 1990. China, one of the leading producers of pollution, was forced to shut down factories and stop all travel across the country, resulting in about 25% less carbon dioxide emissions.  

Although our current situation is upsetting and frightening, I think it is extremely beneficial to look at the positive aspects of the virus. Knowing that the environment is benefiting greatly from this horrible hysteria is making my quarantine a lot easier to deal with. Breathing clean air, rather than the pollutants and toxic gases we are constantly releasing into the atmosphere, might help fix some of the damage we have already caused. Hopefully this pandemic will allow people to see the affects humans have on the environment and result in everyone making drastic changes to slow down climate change.

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