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Op-Ed: No Paw Left Behind


In the beginning I loved volunteering there; I was excited by my furry friends, showing them love and attention in a place of much isolation. However, the experience was also quite demoralizing–I was around distraught furry friends who were deemed as “unadoptable,” meaning they only have a short time to live. Nonetheless, I wanted to do my part to help these animals in need, and it was definitely worth it. Just petting the lonely dogs felt completely rewarding, knowing that I had been a bright spot in their day. For those who love animals but are unable to adopt, I highly recommend fostering and volunteering. By fostering, you transplant animals from bad situation by giving them shelter and affection. By volunteering at the shelter, you care for animals who need a companion. When you make a positive difference in animal’s life, you make all the difference in your own life.

By: Sara Fuchs

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