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Op- Ed: WISE Clothing Drive


Last week, WISE ­ an original school club of which I am a co­founder and co- president ­ organized our annual spring clothing drive to benefit the Miami Rescue Mission. Founded in 1922, this organization helps men, women and children find shelter, food, and employment. Our outreach project focused on collecting clothes, shoes, and hygiene products to help the women and children of greater Miami obtain the necessities they lack. Many of the women seeking help from the Miami Rescue Mission have faced homelessness and domestic abuse. Donations like ours fill them with hope and lets them know they are not alone.Both students and teachers donated to our clothing drive enthusiastically, and we are grateful for the support we received. We are also touched by the warm response we received from the Miami Rescue Mission. They not only thanked us for our donations, but also let us know that it is donations like ours that drive these important social service organizations.WISE stands for “Women Inspiring and Supporting Each Other.” The name of our club is not simply a slogan. It’s a promise, a commitment, a mindset, and lifestyle. We are committed to supporting each other at the Hebrew Academy and being leaders in our larger community, too. Organizing outreach events like our spring clothing drive is a positive catalyst for change, and it is you, our donors, who make that change happen. Thank you again for making that difference and for your support.

By: Sara Fuchs

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