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Op-Ed: Zika Can’t Stop Us

On August 18th, not too long before school started, the Zika virus was discovered in the Wynwood and mid-Miami Beach areas. Zika is a virus carried by two different types of mosquitoes that originates from different areas in Africa. Shortly after the virus was discovered, Miami-Dade Department of Health and The Center for Disease Control and Prevention ordered the two different areas to be sprayed with certain chemicals to eliminate bugs carrying Zika. Hebrew Academy falls right in the middle of the area where the disease was discovered. That means that we risk exposure to Zika, just by showing up to school everyday.

Does this mean that we should take extreme measures, such as not going to school, to avoid the Zika virus? I believe that taking such extreme precautions is unnecessary in our case. Basic precautions, such as wearing long sleeves and bug spray, are necessary, but not excessive, preparations. We should live our daily lives without the fear of Zika, while still taking little actions to keep us safer. Overall, Zika is something that we should be aware of, but not let it take over our daily lives.

By: Hannah Mayer (10th grade)

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