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Our High School Transition

In the following editorial, Eliana Bensousssan, Lily Reinberg, and Eliana Wolfson share their insight on their transition from middle school to high school, specifically the challenge of adapting to the different social aspects, expectations for independence, and the new schedule.

Although we are still in Hebrew Academy, our experiences over the past three weeks have revealed some dramatic differences between middle and high school.

One element of high school that we are not accustomed to is the consistent interaction with other grades, creating a friendly and open environment. For instance, during the Back to School Bash at Tiger Tail, we were grouped with students from higher grades, helping us bond with them.

Moreover, as we transitioned into high school, we gained more freedom and independence, demonstrated by the longer lunch period, access to lockers, and the fact that we no longer have to secure our phones. Yonder pouches prevented us from accessing our phones during the school day. Overall, we feel that we are being treated more like adults who have to take responsibility for their decisions.

Along with this newfound sense of responsibility, our workload has seriously increased. In high school, the teachers give more classwork and homework assignments than in middle school, and the work is much more difficult.

Furthermore, the high school schedule required some adjustment.. Entering high school, we were assigned nine classes a day, while in middle school, we had only six classes . Balancing nine classes can feel overwhelming, especially when we have to adapt to an entirely new atmosphere, but the captivating classes help ease the transition.

Overall, the high school transition has been both challenging and exciting, and we are eager to see what else is in store for this year.

By: Eliana Bensoussan, Lily Reinberg, Eliana Wolfson

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