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Parashat Yitro

In Parashat Yitro, the Jews receive the 10 commandments from G-D, with the order going as follows:

  1. I am Hashem your G-D

  2. You shall have no other G-Ds beside hashem

  3. Don’t say G-D’s name in vain

  4. Keep the Sabbath

  5. Honor your father and mother

  6. Don’t murder

  7. Don’t commit adultery

  8. Don’t steal

  9. Don’t bear false witness

  10. Don’t be jealous of your neighbors

Evidently these commandments can be split into two halves - the first 5 being about man to G-D and the last 5 being about man to man. However, honoring your parents comes in the section about man to G-D, seemingly out of place. The answer to this is that G-D plays a role in the reproduction process. The gematria of “av” (father) equals three, representing the three contributors in creation: mother, father, and hashem. Additionally, if one is not able to honor their own parents who take care of them right in front of their own eyes, how could they believe in and honor G-D. Therefore, respecting one's parents DOES belong in the man to G-D section.

Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom!

By: Owen Ebner (12th)

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