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Parsha Ki Tisa

In this weeks parsha Ki Tisa, which means “when you take,” the Jewish people are each asked to give half a shekel worth of silver as a contribution to the Mishkan. The irony in this parsha is that the Jews are ready to give up their pay in order to contribute to the Jewish nation, yet as soon as Moshe is gone they do the exact opposite of what Judaism stands for. They built the golden calf and worshiped it, and Moshe breaks the 10 commandments that they earned as a nation. Also, G-d’s anger was so great that he had to be convinced not to kill off this nation. This teaches us that we can’t get away with the little things, even if no one is watching. For example, if your teacher leaves the classroom during a test and you decide to check the answers on your phone, you may not get caught but you’re cheating yourself and there’s no bigger disappointment than disappointing yourself. By: Raheli Haliva

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