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Parsha Vayelech

By: Samantha Ebner (12th)

In this week’s Torah portion, Parshat Vayelech, the Jewish people begin their entry into Eretz Israel (the Land of Israel). Because Moshe is forbidden into entering Israel, the leadership position is transferred to Yehoshua. Prior to this, Moshe bestows upon B’nei Israel a Torah scroll he finished writing, telling the Leviites to put it in the Ark and bring it into Israel. Moshe instructs B’nei Israel to read the Torah once every seven years during the holiday of Sukkot; the Torah must be recited the year following the Shmita year, the year referred to as Hakhel. During the Hakhel year, on Shavout, all men, women, and children are to congregate at the Beit Hamikdash, the Holy Temple, and listen to the king as he will read the Torah.

This comes to teach us that no matter how many times Jews may turn away from Hashem, or feel as if Hashem is not listening, everyone will eventually find their way back and follow in the ways of the Torah.

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