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Parshah Vayeishev

In this week’s parsha, Jacob makes his son, Joseph, a multi-colored coat. Joseph then has a dream in which he is told that he is going to rule over his brothers. The brothers get extremely jealous and Simeon and Levi plot to kill him. Reuben, says that they should just throw him in the pit, but secretly plans go back later to save him. However, while Joseph is in the pit, Judah sells him to the Ishmaelites. The brothers then dip Joseph’s coat in blood and show the coat to Jacob, making Jacob believe that Joseph has been killed by an animal. Later in the Parsha, we find out that Judah gets married and his wife gives birth to three children. His first and eldest son dies young and his wife Tamar is given to the second to eldest son, Onan. Onan sins, and he too dies young. Judah is scared to have his third son marry Tamar. Tamar, however, wants to have a child from Judah’s family. She is so determined to do this, that she dresses up as a prostitute and seduces Judah. Judah hears, and says that she should be killed. Later she pleads and he admits he is the father. She later gives birth to two children, Peretz and Zerach. This parsha teaches us a very important lesson, a person should never be jealous of another. The fact that the brothers were jealous took them so far, as to sell their brother. This was a way for them to be better than him, the results aren’t as awesome as they expected. Judah is punished for it, and in next week’s Parsha, Joseph is let out of prison and becomes Pharaoh’s right hand man. Jealousy pushes people to do things that they would never do otherwise. This parsha teaches the Jewish people that we should correct our mistakes; we should not repeat them over time, especially dumb mistakes like being jealous of others. Enjoy your weekend and have a great Shabbat!

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