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Parshat Va’eira


By: Cathy Sadie (12th Grade)

This week’s Torah portion, Parshat Va’eira, speaks about the ongoing discussion between Moshe and Pharaoh. Moshe approached Pharaoh many times to plead for him to let the Jewish people out of slavery, but Pharaoh refused each time. Each time he refused, Hashem sent a plague to strike Egypt causing Pharaoh to repent and say he would free the Jews, but quickly changed his mind once the plague stopped.

There is a deeper message hidden in this cycle. We are prone to easily repeat our mistakes. In the moment, we promise ourselves never to do it again, but just return to our mistaken ways a few days later.

An effective way to break these bad habits is to look back on what happened. If you stop and take a moment to remember the negative consequences of your actions, it will be much easier to right yourself. Reflecting on your pain today can help you be a happier person tomorrow.

Shabbat Shalom!

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