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Parshat Vayikra

One important lesson we can learn from this week's Parsha is that the difficult challenges we face in life push us to grow and better ourselves.

The Midrash says that G-d had mentioned “light” five times, each corresponding with a different book of the Torah. When referring to the book of Vayikra, which goes in depth on the complex jobs and sacrifices, He said “And G‑d saw the light that it was good”.

Why is it that He only describes light as “good” when talking about a book full of laws?

Another question to ponder is why is Vayikra referred to as the book of laws if Devarim has many laws as well?

The answers to these questions coincide with one another. The reason that Vayikra is mentioned as the book of laws is because of the level of complexity that the laws hold. While Devarim may have many laws in quantity, the challenges that Vayikra’s laws pose are unique in complexity. The fact that it is referred to as “good” can teach us that hard work is, in fact, a good thing. We should not shy away from things because they are a challenge to us. We should actually embrace difficulties because they will help us grow in immeasurable ways. G-d will not give you anything that you can not handle. Therefore, although things may seem hard, we must continue to work towards our goals and push past the conflicts that arise. The bottom line is that if we show perseverance in challenging times, we can end up prospering even more.

Shabbat Shalom!

Adapted from

By: Ali Smith (11th Grade)

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